About Michigan Brand

Where the quality lasts long after the original cost has been forgotten.

It all began in 1981 when Art Visnaw bought Al's Market in Bay City, MI and renamed the company to Bay City Meats. Bay City Meats was located at the current location of Michigan Brand, on the South end of Bay City, MI. Art Visnaw was an entrepreneur who had owned or was part owner of many companies during his lifetime. Bay City Meats was involved with supplying local restaurants with various meat products along with supplying local businesses with premium deli meats. During that time, Bay City Meats was most widely known to produce delicious hams, which was their specialty.

Our Story

In 1981, the current owner of Michigan Brand, Inc., Mike Grillo, married Karen Grillo (Visnaw) the daughter of Art and Mary Lou Visnaw. Mike Grillo worked with Art Visnaw on developing Bay City Meats to become an even more successful business. In 1994, Mike and Karen Grillo bought Bay City Meats from Art Visnaw and rebranded the business to the current Michigan Brand, Inc. Michigan Brand, with the direction of Mike Grillo, introduced new products to their inventory including jerky, specialty hams and sausage. However, Michigan Brand, Inc. still continues to use the same ham recipes that were used when it was Bay City Meats. These new products, introduced with the new branding, took off and has been a great part of the Michigan Brand, Inc. business.

More recently, Michigan Brand has continued to introduce new products with the addition of shelf stable products. These products do not have to be refrigerated; they can be left on the shelf at room temperature. Michigan Brand supplies many customers within Michigan and outside of Michigan. Michigan Brand is now employing a little over 100 employees at the Bay City location.

Michigan Brand is adding a 2nd plant in Frankenmuth, MI that will be used as a 2nd facility for production and also will be conducting processing meat tours. Michigan Brand has always been a family business and still has many family members and friends who have continued to drive the success of the company.

Michigan Brand Deer Processing

As of 2015, we will no longer accept full animal carcasses. We will only accept various meats.

We understand as a hunter you take pride in your deer, and we take pride in our ability
to provide you top quality service unmatched by anyone in the meat industry.
We strive for customer satisfaction and guarantee that's what you will get!


All products will be cryovac packed.

Special Packaging

Products may be broken down into smaller packs
for an additional $1.00 charge per package.

Specialty Products

View our price list to the right for our specialty products.

1-1/2 pound cryovac packed.
  • Cheddar Cheese = $8.00 per stick
  • Hot = $6.75 per stick
  • Jalapeño Cheese = $8.00 per stick
  • Mild = $6.75 per stick
1 lb. cryovac packages.
Minimum weight on jerky is 2 lbs. of venison meat
to make 1 lb. of jerky due to shrinkage.
  • Cherry = $13.00
  • Honey BBQ = $13.00
  • Hot = $13.00
  • Regular = $13.00
  • Teriyaki = $13.00
1 pound cryovac packed bag.
  • Brat = $5.99/pound
  • Cheddar Cheese Brats = $6.49/pound
  • Italian = $5.99/pound
  • Polish = $5.99/pound
1-1/2 pound cryovac packed.
  • Cheddar Cheese = $11.00
  • Hot = $9.75
  • Jalapeño Cheese = $11.00
  • Mild = $9.75
Smoked to perfection! You're going to love the taste!
Cryovac packed.
  • 1 Smoked Venison Ham = $29.00

We are a USDA and State inspected, licensed facility.
We process all large game animals with appropiate tags!

Customer Comments

You are Amazing!

The flavors we tasted in your meat products, compared to others, was more than expected!

Annonymous Mt. Pleasant

My Favorite Brand!

I've bought your product in northern Michigan before. It truly is the BEST jerky I've ever tasted!

Andria Marie Hemlock, MI

Thank You!

You guys make one fine product! Keep up the good work!

Mike Keyes Frankenmuth, MI

No Comparison

Hands down, the most tender jerky I've had in a long time.

Becky Freeland, MI


You can tell that you use quality meats. You don't have to rip a tooth out just to bite into your products!

Miller Sanford, MI

Deer Processing

Glad you guys are still around for deer processing. I'm looking forward to bringing you a lot of venison.

Brett Merrill, MI

A Big Thank You To Our Customers!